"Unlocking the Mysteries of Social Bookmarking" Ebook


Stumped By How Others Are Using Social Bookmarking to Market Their Businesses? You CAN Do It Too,
Let Us Show You How!

From: Dawn Pigoni

Subject: "Unlocking the Mysteries of Social Bookmarking"

Dear Friends,

Want to utilize social bookmarking to help market your small business but don't know where to start?

The mystery of how social bookmarking works often leaves small business owners stumped.

Social bookmarking doesn't have to remain a mystery. You can learn to navigate social bookmarking sites, such as Technorati and Stumble Upon  and even use them to successfully promote your small business.

I'm Dawn Pigoni, Your Social Media and Social Bookmarking Guide

I have been able to consistently keep my website, Be Social Worldwide, in the top 1-2 spots on Google and Yahoo by utilizing social bookmarking. In addition, I am a certified in social marketing, including social bookmarking and I have taught a class on the topic of social bookmarking.

I created "Unlocking the Mysteries of Social Bookmarking" because as I was preparing for my bookmarking training class I could not find one resource for information on bookmarking. I searched blogs and books, purchasing 3 books and combing over 30 blogs to compile the best information.

"Unlocking the Mysteries of Social Bookmarking" is the result of my hours of research paired with my own experience and expertise.


This ebook shares in depth with you about the basics of social bookmarking as well as outlining each of the top social bookmarking sites for you. It will help give you the tools that you need to put social bookmarking to work for you. Including:

  • The differences in the social bookmarking sites, believe it or not they are NOT all the same. Nor do they work the same way.
  • Tips on how to utilize these social bookmarking sites to your advantage.
  • An explanation of the benefits of social bookmarking and why you should be spending time on it.

See What Our Readers Have to Say:

Anyone interested in learning about Social Bookmarking should take the time to read this. "Unlocking the Mystery of Social Bookmarking" by Dawn Pigoni is full of firsthand tips to help guide into the use of Social Bookmarking sites. The useful information included in this book is invaluable, along with being a great resource to have. I recommend this book to anyone looking for tips, tricks and information into the Social Bookmarking world.

Kena Roth

Virtually Assisting You, LLC


We believe that social bookmarking is so important to you and your small business that we want to offer to help get you started in social bookmarking. That's why we are giving you  bonuses:

One Complimentary Round of Bookmarking ($30 Value)


A round of bookmarking includes

  • Bookmarking One Link of your choice to the sites listed on my website
  • Bookmarking to 5 Social Bookmarking Sites Total
  • A Head Start into the World of Social Bookmarking
  • Links created back to your website  
  • A glimpse into what it is like to outsource such tasks as Social bookmarking for your small business

Bonus Videos 4 in All
(Value $120)

video guy

Videos include:
  • How to Get Started with Technorati
  • How to Get Started with Delicious
  • How to Get Started with StumbleUpon
  • How to Get Started with Fark

    We Are So Sure You'll Be Pleased

    We know that you'll be thrilled with the information that you discover by reading "Unlocking the Mysteries of Social Bookmarking", however in case you aren't we are offering a 100% money back guarantee.

    Clearly understand what all the "fuss" is about, get the benefits that social bookmarking sites can offer you and your business. Solve the mysteries today!

    See What Others Had to Say About This Ebook . . . 

    "Dawn's new book, Unlocking the Mystery of Social Bookmarking has a lot of great information. She explains clearly how the concept of Bookmarking is the best way to share your content and discover other content in the same market.  Her book also does a great job covering each bookmarking site, explaining the different advantages of each of them."

    David Riklan
    Founder  - SelfGrowth.com


    Yes! Dawn, I Want To. . .

    I understand this ebook includes information that will enable me to:

    • Unlock the mysteries of social bookmarking
    • Understand the differences in the social bookmarking sites
    • Put Social bookmarking to work for me and my business

    We don't want to you to miss out on what others are already enjoying, the success that social bookmarking can bring to you and your business.

    You can have a part of that today by purchasing, "Unlocking the Mysteries of Social Bookmarking" for just $24.93

    We want to help you succeed, which is why we made this book available to you.

    All the best,


    Dawn Pigoni

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